My First Summer in the Sierra REVIEWED in Library Journal and Booklist

Narrator Brett Barry is outstanding; he skillfully captures the language of an earlier America as his poetic delivery matches the beautiful descriptions. A wide audience of conservationists, ecologists, nature lovers, American history fans, and those who merely prefer worthwhile poetic writing will be well rewarded. ‡‘γ Library Journal, Nov. 2011

In June 1869, John Muir took a job that required him to herd sheep to the headwaters of two rivers high in the Sierra Nevadas in the Yosemite region. Although this account of his experiences is more than 100 years old, his keen observations on the flora and fauna are timeless, and the writing seems surprisingly contemporary. The daily-journal format lends itself to audio, and Barry’s soothing, clear voice is well matched to the material. He flawlessly floats over scientific names of plants and animals and relays Muir’s delight and attention to detail with just the right amount of enthusiasm. Muir faithfully recounts “beauty beyond belief” as well as lack of food, wandering sheep, and biting insects. Ideally, listeners should be trekking through Yosemite when listening to this account, but even city-bound folk will be transported to the wilderness through Barry’s top-notch performance of Muir’s observations. ‡‘γ Booklist, Nov. 2011

Our new John Muir audiobook, My First Summer in the Sierra, mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, and Sierra Club, among others!

Didn’t leave N.Y.C. behind this summer? Escape with the audio book of the naturalist John Muir’s adventures in the Sierras. ‡‘γ The New Yorker

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Autumnal Tints

"Brett Barry's crisp, well-paced reading free of theatrics allows the author's words to resonate. Listeners will get the sense of walking alongside Thoreau as he leads them‡‘ΐhalf authoritative teacher, half marveling student‡‘ΐon a tour of the evocative landscape." 

      ‡‘γ Library Journal, September 2008

Library Journal 2008 Editors' Pick!

The Outermost House

"Brett Barry injects new life into the five-hour unabridged prose, vividly capturing the contours of every dune, the flight of every bird, and the undulations of every wave." 

      ‡‘γ Cape Cod Life, June 2008

"Brett Barry shines as the voice of Beston, a naturalist. Barry’s narration captures the poetry of Beston's lyrical passages, in which he expresses views on wildlife and conservation that are decades ahead of their time. This production is best listened to during a walk through one's own favorite natural retreat." 

      ‡‘γ AudioFile

"Brett Barry's narration is ideally suited to Beston's principal work, and Daniel Payne's interview ... enhances the book's message. Highly recommended." 

      ‡‘γ Library Journal

"Silver Hollow's audio version of Outermost is a thoughtful, impressive presentation of Beston's timeless book. Brett Barry's voice is warm and inviting. His smooth narration allows you to see the beach, smell the salt air and hear the wind whipping through the sand and the waves crashing against the shore. His voice combined with Beston's clever and revealing use of words transports you to the Fo'Castle, where you can actually smell the coffee brewing on the stove in the tiny kitchen."    

      ‡‘γ CapeCodToday

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